Mobile tickets

The power of
mobile ticketing.

Give your audience the mobile experience they
are looking for with your own branded smart wallet app.

Key features

Content-rich tickets

Give your audience great event information, with text, pics, audio and video. And make sure they have practical information readily available. 
More about the Smart wallet app.

Direct communication

Send push messages to specific target groups. Start a conversation: request information and conduct surveys. Learn more.

Dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR -codes ensure that your tickets cannot be transferred outside of your app, blocking illegal resales of tickets on external platforms. 
More about the Smart wallet app.

Easy cancellation

Make it easy and worth their while for your audience to return tickets if they can’t make it and avoid those empty seats. 
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Our audience really appreciates the convenience of the smart wallet app.
Kurt Stevens
Marketing Manager

What makes our mobile ticketing different?

Smart tickets for better service.

Send tickets straight to the buyer’s smart wallet, delivery guaranteed, no downloading or printing required. Enrich your tickets with event content and streamline ticket transfer. Put an end to scalping with dynamic QR codes.

Start a conversation.

Open a direct line of communication and stay in touch throughout the customer journey. Send notifications or conduct targeted surveys.


Let your audience notify you with just one click if they can't make it so you can reduce no-shows. Give the audience an incentive with the appropriate refund policy. Everything is fully automated.

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