Mobile interactions

Send text messages directly to the smart wallet app.
Get feedback from your audience with mobile surveys.

The smart wallet app allows you to send personalized messages to your audience at every stage of your customer's journey: right after purchase or before, during, and after an event. Inform your audience about upcoming activities, send practical information, share event pictures, or get feedback with targeted surveys.

Sometimes you only want to send a short communication to a specific group within your audience. You might need to inform your audience about an update on the event's artists or a last-minute program change, or you might desire to get simple feedback on your event. Setting up full email campaigns for these types of messages may be a bridge too far, wasting your and your customers' valuable time. 

Interact with your audience more easily by sending push-notifications and in-app messages using the optional smart wallet add-on. Customized to your brand's layout, the smart wallet app is designed to be a trusted ticket wallet as well as a direct communication channel between you and your audience. 

The app campaign builder makes it possible to share short informational texts, images, videos, and even interactive surveys. Select your target group and add a text, image, or video message. You decide how your audience can interact by adding star ratings, link buttons, sliders, multiple-choice questions, or fill-in fields. Save your message for later or send it directly, before, during, or after the event.

Building an in-app message with interactive slider
Building an in-app message with interactive slider

Frequently asked questions

Can I push a message to a specific group of event attendees, for example, customers sitting in the first row or customers who bought tickets in a fixed price range?

Yes, you can select the targeted audience using the built-in contact filter mechanism and use this selection to send your app campaign.

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