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Audience self-service

Give your audience access to tickets and services.
Allow them to manage their own account.

Providing your audience with a profile in your ticket shop enables them to retrieve their tickets and vouchers, cancel their tickets (if permitted), and manage personal data including notification preferences and newsletter subscriptions.

Sometimes customers lose their tickets, or they forget about vouchers. Or they want to change personal data, preferences or subscriptions. This can create substantial support work for your team, wasting valuable resources on routine tasks. Audience self-service helps you to satisfy your customers' needs while complying with all the relevant privacy and data protection requirements. In this context, your audience must be able to consult and manage personal data at any moment.

Your audience can directly access the self-service from your Ticket shop. After login, your customer is able to:

  • access a personal account and update information
  • view order history and reprint tickets
  • cancel tickets (depending on your cancellation policy)
  • get an overview of vouchers, and the balance per voucher
  • update genre preferences and subscriptions.

Obviously, the self-service is designed to work perfectly on a mobile device.

Thanks to these features, the majority of routine support requests are taken care of by the audience themselves, without requiring support from your team. On top of that, the audience will appreciate the convenience and transparency resulting from online access to a personal account. And data quality improves as audience data is kept up to date.

Frequently asked questions

Can I decide for which events a customer can cancel tickets?

Yes, you can decide this for each event individually.

Can I decide which options a visitor has when canceling tickets?

Yes, you can enable or disable any of these three options for your customers:

  • Get a refund (if the original payment was made online)
  • Get a voucher in return for the cancelled ticket
  • Turn the ticket into a donation for the venue
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