Pre- and post-event emails

Improve service and communication with automated pre-event
and follow-up emails, easily designed by you.

There are many instances where sending emails to the audience is valuable. Remind your audience of an upcoming event, give them practical information, or thank them after the event has ended. Setting up pre-and post-event email campaigns allows you to automate this process. Design the emails yourself and incorporate ticketing-related content. All emails are sent directly from within Ticketmatic, no external tools are required.

Sending email campaigns can be quite laborious when ticketing-related information has to be transferred to external emailing tools. Referring to event, customer, or order information in your emails might be challenging, as you first need to retrieve all data correctly from Ticketmatic before importing it into an external emailing tool. Keeping your customers' emailing preferences in sync with the external tool can complicate the process even further, creating risks of making mistakes and not respecting communication preferences.

Ticketmatic makes it easy to design and schedule automated email campaigns with an integrated email marketing tool. The email marketing add-on has a WYSIWYG editor, so you can make your email campaigns look exactly the way you want, without needing technical skills. The integrated approach allows you to incorporate event, customer and order data and even to automate campaigns scheduling in relation to your event dates.

Apart from using the tool purely for marketing emails like newsletters and promotional campaigns, the tool is great for automated pre-event emails containing reminders, important safety guidelines, time schedules, or notes on your venue's accessibility. Automated follow-up emails could be useful too for sharing event pictures, thanking your audience for attending, or for gathering feedback on the event.

Easily insert event, customer, and order data using placeholders.
Easily insert event, customer, and order data using placeholders.
Schedule your campaign in relation to your event date
Schedule your campaign in relation to your event date
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