Seating plans

Great-looking seating plans for any type of situation. Design the plan
according to your wishes using a dedicated seating plan designer.

A seating plan plays a vital part in the ticketing user experience, so you want your seating plans to look great and be practical, making it easy for your audience to select the seats of their choice. Design your own seating plans with a WYSIWYG seating plan editor and handle any type of situation from a small venue to a full-blown arena. Optimized user experience guaranteed on every device.

Because seating plans come in all flavors and colors, the basic seating plan editor in many ticketing systems often doesn’t quite cut it, leading to poor, impractical, or even confusing seating plans that can make picking the seat you want tough.

The advanced built-in seating plan editor in Ticketmatic gives you full control and makes it easy to cover all types of seating, exactly the way you want it. Even the most advanced seating plans for large stadia can be designed in a matter of hours. Basic seating plans typically take half an hour.

The Seating plan tool in action for a larger, multi-section seating plan.
The Seating plan tool in action for a larger, multi-section seating plan.

This way, you can design all types of seating plans, regardless of your requirements or preferences.

When the seating plan configuration is complete, you can simply select it when configuring an event.

Some features

The Seating plan tool has much more to offer to make sure your needs are covered, such as:

  • optimized loading for speed and usability on mobile devices
  • photos linked to seats or zones to show the view from the seat
  • outline mode for large seating plans when zoomed out
  • user-defined lock types and seat availabilities
  • user-defined categories and sections
  • user-defined seat numbers
  • social distancing
  • select seating or best available
  • copy seating plans
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